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What you’ll learn

  • Build a complete web application with Blazor WebAssembly, Web API, Entity Framework and a SQL Server database
  • Razor components: Communication, data binding, event handling, the @code block & more
  • Forms in Blazor WebAssembly with Validation & displaying validation messages
  • Utilize built-in forms components like InputText, InputCheckbox, InputSelect & more
  • Authentication & authorization with the AuthenticationStateProvider & the AuthorizeView component
  • Authentication with JSON Web Tokens (JWT)
  • Use Web API as web service with the HTTP request methods GET, POST, PUT & DELETE by utilizing the Model-View-Controller (MVC) pattern
  • Use Entity Framework with code-first migrations to store your data in a SQL Server database
  • Publish & Deploy to a Windows Server with IIS (Internet Information Services)
  • …and much more!

Blazor WebAssembly is turning the web development world upside down.

With Blazor you can keep coding every part of your web application – meaning front end and back end – with the programming language and the framework you love – C# and .NET.

No need for JavaScript anymore and you can even use the same classes and methods you write for the server as well as for the client.

We will dive right into the code by first having a look at the standard example project of Blazor WebAssembly and then we already build the main project of this course, which is a classic online browser game, where users can create an army of fighters and send them into battle against other users.

Together with some customization options and climbing the leaderboard, this application will teach you how to use Blazor WebAssembly with Razor components in a playful way.

We will have a look at data- and event binding, communication between components, forms with their built-in components and validation options, how to use views only authorized users can see, how to make calls to a web service, and much more.

Additionally, you will learn how to build the back end of the browser game with a Web API and Entity Framework to store all the data in a SQL Server database.

By the end of this course, you will have what it takes to call yourself a full stack Blazor web developer.

With your new skills, you are ready to conquer any upcoming .NET web development project you want to build yourself or any project that is requested by a recruiter.

The only tools you need are Visual Studio, Postman, SQL Server, and a browser like Chrome or Firefox.

Everything is available for free and also cross-platform! So you can follow this course on Windows and macOS.

What You Will Learn

Introduction & Jumpstart

  • Create an ASP.NET Core hosted Blazor WebAssembly project

  • Examine the example project

  • Explore different ways to run your web application

  • Debug client & server code at the same time

  • Initialize a Git repository for your source control

Blazor WebAssembly Fundamentals

  • Create Razor components

  • Write C# code and HTML in the same file

  • The @code block

  • Component communication with parameters, event callbacks & services

  • Data binding & event handling

  • Add pages to your Blazor WebAssembly application

  • Routing & navigation in a Blazor app

  • Create and use models within your web application

  • Loops & more in Razor components

  • User feedback with toaster messages for errors & more

  • Manage NuGet Packages

Forms & Authentication

  • Create forms with validations

  • Use all built-in forms components like InputText, InputCheckbox, InputSelect & more

  • Build login & registration forms

  • Display validation errors

  • Utilize models with forms

  • Add the NavigationManager to navigate the user in your app

  • Utilize the AuthenticationStateProvider

  • Expose the AuthenticationState

  • Use the AuthorizeView component

  • Page restriction with the [Authorize] attribute

  • Use the LocalStorage for authentication

Web API & Entity Framework

  • The Model-View-Controller (MVC) pattern

  • Create models and controllers

  • Use the same models for the server and the client

  • Attribute routing (with parameters)

  • The HTTP request methods GET, POST, PUT & DELETE

  • Object-Relational-Mapping

  • Code-First Migration

  • SQL Server

  • How to use a DataContext and a proper ConnectionString

  • All previous HTTP requests with Entity Framework to save your data in a SQL Server database

  • Inspect your database with the SQL Server Management Studio

Authentication with JSON Web Tokens (JWT)

  • Create & verify JSON Web Tokens

  • Use the Repository pattern

  • Add & read claims

  • Secure controllers with the Authorize attribute

  • Use the JWT in the AuthenticationStateProvider of Blazor WebAssembly

Advanced Blazor WebAssembly, Web API & Entity Framework Implementations

  • Add relations to your database

  • Use LINQ functions to Select, Order & Include entities

  • Complete the game logic: Grow your army, fight battles, climb the leaderboard

  • …and more!

Publish & Deploy your Web Application

  • Deploy your web application on a Windows Server with IIS (Internet Information Services)

  • User the Web Deploy feature of IIS to publish and deploy your app with Visual Studio

Your Instructor

My name is Patrick and I will be your instructor in this course. I’m a web developer for over a decade now, I have worked for big corporations and small teams, as an employee and a contractor and I just love to see the way Microsoft is going with .NET & Blazor and how important these technologies get day by day.

To this date, I was able to run seven courses on web development here on Udemy about .NET (Core), Blazor, single-page applications, Angular and DevOps – with a total of over 55.000 unique students and over 6.000 reviews.

If you have any questions, feel free to connect.

And if you still have any doubts, you have a 30-day money-back guarantee, no questions asked.

Are you ready to take the next step in web development?

I’m looking forward to seeing you in the course!

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Who this course is for:

  • Everyone who wants to make the next big step in web development with Blazor & .NET
  • Students who want to improve their skills in order to have better chances for career advancement

Course content

  • Introduction
  • Jumpstart
  • Let’s Make a Game: First Steps with Blazor WebAssembly
  • Fun with Forms & Authentication
  • First Steps with Web API & Entity Framework
  • Authentication with JSON Web Tokens (JWT)
  • Grow Your Army with UserUnits
  • Fight Battles & Climb the Leaderboard
  • Publish & Deploy on a Windows Server with IIS
  • .NET Core 3.1: Introduction

10 reviews for Blazor WebAssembly Full Stack Bootcamp with .NET 5 – Udemy

  1. Donny Phan

    Super practical. Lessons are catered towards anyone looking to find work in this industry. It felt very comprehensive and gave me a broad understanding of the programming spectrum

  2. Madhav raj Verma

    Thanks for your great effort. i am fully satisfied with this course the way you teach and your explanation are very clear ,The content you provide in your course no one can do this at this price.

  3. Sachin Gupta

    I really didn’t want to leave a low rating as Angela is a great teacher. The 1st half of this course was terrific. The 2nd half was terrible. Under the justification of “teaching students how to figure things out on their own”, pretty much all videos and all explanations were dropped. You were just told what to do, given links to documentation and told to figure it out on your own. I understand doing that to some degree, but to revert to that entirely for nearly half the content barely makes this a course. It’s just a list of things for you to learn, then you’re left on your own to learn them. The 2nd half was so bad, especially the data science component, that I didn’t bother finishing the course.

  4. Vincent Beaudet

    Amazing 40 days course.
    Angela is a great teacher.
    The other 60 days are all about web developement, interacting with web pages, on your own with little to no explanations. I did not expect that at all. I wanted to learn more about software and scripting.
    This left me disappointed , confused and i started to doubt myself. Not a fun experience after the amount of effort i’v put in this course.

    Exercices format and explanations for the first 40 days were worth it tho.

  5. Ben K

    Not just an introduction to python, but really helps you learn fundamental aspects of python and coding in general. Some parts may require some knowledge on the subject (data science comes to mind) and there is quite some web development in the course. So, a few areas were not completely to my liking (I would have liked to see it done differently), but this course deserves the 5 stars in my opinion.

  6. Omid Alikhel

    I found the method a bit difficult when a code is written and then changed back to something different, with no enough explanation of how something happened and where it came from or a step by step explanation of why something is happening, i have no doubt in the instructors talent, but we are beginners!

  7. Devang Jain

    The course is not updated and most of the solution codes don’t work and there are no video solutions towards the end

  8. Szymon Kozak

    I think that the course tutor is really good in giving right information to learn at the right time. Thanks to this fact, my understanding of coding in python after 29 days of learning is above my expectations.

  9. Begoña Ruiz Diaz

    Ha sido la mejor elección que podría haber hecho.

  10. Vaibhav Sachdeva

    I want to thank Angela for making such an amazing course. It really helped me explore more things with python.

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