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What you’ll learn

  • Analyze production process
  • Improve production process – make it faster, cheaper and at higher quality
  • Calculate in Excel the potential impact of proposed changes
  • Apply improvement techniques to other fields and industries
  • Analyze in Excel potential investments
  • Plan the increase of production capacity
  • Create optimal production plans

Course summary

What is the aim of this course?

This course will help you drastically improve your knowledge and skills in optimizing production and operations of any company through a series of practical cases. It is designed for people who want to become consultants, business analysts or have to run and optimize production on a daily bases. In the course you will learn 3 things:

  1. How to understand any production or operational activities

  2. How to optimize the production and operations in order to get more things done, cheaper at higher quality with less resources

  3. Where to look for savings and improvements, how to calculate potential savings in Excel and implement them

The course is based on my 12 years of experience as a consultant in top consulting companies and as a Board Member responsible for strategy, improvement and turn-arounds in biggest companies from FMCG, SMG, B2B sector that I worked for. On many occasions I had to optimize the whole production and operational side of the businesses I was responsible for.  On the basis of what you will find in this course I have trained over 100 consultants, business analysts and managers who now are Production Directors, Operational  Directors, COO, Investment Directors, Directors in Consulting Companies, Board Members etc.

I teach through cases so most of the lectures are case studies showing some business problems solved in Excel. There will be also overview of main techniques used in optimizing and running production. To every lecture you will find attached  (in additional resources) the Excels shown in the Lecture so as a part of this course you will also get a library of ready-made analyses that can, with certain modification, be applied by you in your work.

Why I decided to create this course?
Most consultants and business analysts are terrible at organizing operational issues. They treat the operations, especially production, as a black-box and try to avoid it at any cost. Technical things overwhelm them and they shy away from them. This approach is not the right one as you find elements that resemble production everywhere. In hospitals most procedures performed are very similar to production issues. The same goes for running a call center, a chain of restaurants, a logistic company or a firm delivering specialized services. Everywhere you have operations that you can optimize by using techniques that I will show in this course.  Production influence heavily other areas especially sales and marketing. Therefore, it is a good idea to have at least a general knowledge in production. The funny things is that to be good at production you do not even have to be technical at all. I have not finished any technical school and I am pretty good in finding significant improvements in production. One of the best Production Directors I know has finished Pedagogical Studies.

To sum it up, I believe that if you want to build or to find improvements in any business you should master techniques related to optimizing production. That is why I highly recommend this course not only to consultants or business analyst that have to advice their customer but also to owners, founders  of businesses as well as production directors.

In what way will you benefit from this course?
The course is a practical, step by step guide loaded with tones of analyses, tricks, hints that will significantly improve the speed with which you find and analyze production. There is little theory – mainly examples, a lot of tips from my own experience as well as other notable examples worth mentioning. Our intention is that thanks to the course you will know:    

  1. How to understand production

  2. How to optimize it

  3. Where to look for savings and improvement in production

  4. How to calculate the impact of proposed changes in Excel

You can also ask me any question either through the discussion mode or by messaging me directly.

How the course is organized?
The course is divided currently in 6 sections and will be adding new section to address other important issues. Currently you will find the following sections:

  • Introduction. We begin with little intro into the course as well as some general info on production   

  • Basic methods of improving production. In the second section I will discuss the basic techniques that you can use to optimize your business. Here you will find the potential low hanging fruits   

  • Continuous Flow. The ideal in production is the so called continuous flow -every go smoothly and fast. Products are being produced fast and cheap. In this section I will tell you how to achieve it.   

  • Advanced      methods of improving production. In section 4 I will continuous with more advanced way in which you can improve your production such as: SMED, TPM, Automation, Critical Chain   

  • Capacity management. Apart from      optimizing the production you have to think strategically and know when you have to add new capacity / factory. In this section I will show you how      you can do that

  • Investment Anlaysis. In this section I will show you how ot analyze whether an investment makes sense or not. We will have a look at different case studies. We will analyze replacement investments, investments required by customers, cost reducing investments and investments in bottlenecks

  • Production planning. Production planning is the brain of production. If you get this wrong the other things won’t matter. In this section I will show you some ways in which you can analyze and improve production planning   

I will be adding new sections and lectures in the coming months


You will be able also to download many additional resources

  1. Excels with analyses shown in the course

  2. Presentation of slides show in the course

  3. Links to additional presentations and movies

  4. Links to books worth reading


At the end of my course, students will be able to…

  • Analyze production process

  • Improve production process – make it faster, cheaper and at higher quality

  • Calculate in Excel the potential impact of proposed changes

  • Apply improvement techniques to other fields and industries

Who should take this course? Who should not?

  • Consultants

  • Production Directors

  • Business analysts

  • Small and medium business owners

  • Startups founders

  • Controllers

What will students need to know or do before starting this course?

  • Basic or intermediate Excel

  • Basic knowledge of economics or finance

Who this course is for:

  • Consultants
  • Production Directors
  • Business analysts
  • Small and medium business owners
  • Startups founders

Course content

  • Introduction
  • Basic methods of improving production
  • Continuous Flow
  • Advanced methods of improving production
  • Capacity management
  • Advanced cases in production
  • Production planning.
  • Conclusions

10 reviews for Production for Management Consultants and Business Analysts – Udemy

  1. Donny Phan

    Super practical. Lessons are catered towards anyone looking to find work in this industry. It felt very comprehensive and gave me a broad understanding of the programming spectrum

  2. Madhav raj Verma

    Thanks for your great effort. i am fully satisfied with this course the way you teach and your explanation are very clear ,The content you provide in your course no one can do this at this price.

  3. Sachin Gupta

    I really didn’t want to leave a low rating as Angela is a great teacher. The 1st half of this course was terrific. The 2nd half was terrible. Under the justification of “teaching students how to figure things out on their own”, pretty much all videos and all explanations were dropped. You were just told what to do, given links to documentation and told to figure it out on your own. I understand doing that to some degree, but to revert to that entirely for nearly half the content barely makes this a course. It’s just a list of things for you to learn, then you’re left on your own to learn them. The 2nd half was so bad, especially the data science component, that I didn’t bother finishing the course.

  4. Vincent Beaudet

    Amazing 40 days course.
    Angela is a great teacher.
    The other 60 days are all about web developement, interacting with web pages, on your own with little to no explanations. I did not expect that at all. I wanted to learn more about software and scripting.
    This left me disappointed , confused and i started to doubt myself. Not a fun experience after the amount of effort i’v put in this course.

    Exercices format and explanations for the first 40 days were worth it tho.

  5. Ben K

    Not just an introduction to python, but really helps you learn fundamental aspects of python and coding in general. Some parts may require some knowledge on the subject (data science comes to mind) and there is quite some web development in the course. So, a few areas were not completely to my liking (I would have liked to see it done differently), but this course deserves the 5 stars in my opinion.

  6. Omid Alikhel

    I found the method a bit difficult when a code is written and then changed back to something different, with no enough explanation of how something happened and where it came from or a step by step explanation of why something is happening, i have no doubt in the instructors talent, but we are beginners!

  7. Alica Cverdeľová

    I love this course, Angela explained it very easily and clearly from the beginning, but I loved her 1 minute final videos, which ended later: What a pity.
    BUT I felt a little disappointed now with the project Day 39/40. Where I was maximally lost, I could not come out of where to look for anything and it was poorly explained and the biggest mistake was that there were no videos with explanations, I think it was quite a complicated project where many things were used and no explanation, only the final results. And they carried a few things in the projects before, so I had her project run once and it showed her the mistake as well as me, so in that case you have to leave it at that and what else is a shame. It’s hard to do a project when you don’t see what’s going on there.
    I’m a little worried about the next few weeks, and I hope it won’t be a waste of time.

  8. Szymon Kozak

    I think that the course tutor is really good in giving right information to learn at the right time. Thanks to this fact, my understanding of coding in python after 29 days of learning is above my expectations.

  9. Begoña Ruiz Diaz

    Ha sido la mejor elección que podría haber hecho.

  10. Vaibhav Sachdeva

    I want to thank Angela for making such an amazing course. It really helped me explore more things with python.

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