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What you’ll learn

  • Setup, from scratch, a secured, hardened and optimized Virtual Private Server
  • Configure a secure and optimized server and host multiple WordPress sites using nginx
  • Add a valuable new skill to your resume
  • Add a new income stream by offering new, in demand, services to clients

This is a beginners course that assumes you have no knowledge configuring a Linux server or NGINX.

Updated to Ubuntu 20.04…

NGINX is a high performance web server that is responsible for serving almost all of the most popular sites in the world.

We start with a blank slate and layer by layer configure the perfect nginx server.  I will teach you, step by step, to a point where you will have the skill, knowledge and confidence to host multiple secure WordPress sites, on an unmanaged Virtual Private Server, using nginx. You will need no support from your host. You will be your own system administrator.

This course covers the entire spectrum of configuring an Ubuntu based NGINX server. We will cover everything from initial server configuration to installing NGINX, MariaDB and php7.x. Once installed, we will configure, secure and optimize nginx, MariaDB and php7.x.  The WordPress sites we create also need to be installed, secured and optimized. Then we move on to installing SSL certificates and plugin free backups.

The most important aspect of any server is security. I don’t just glance over this aspect, every configuration step you will take is geared towards security. Some of the security aspects included in the course are: SSH Keys, the firewall, fail2ban, changing “dangerous” default settings and NGINX “deny” directives. These are just some of the steps we are going to use in securing your server and your sites. Installing a WordPress “security plugin” does not secure your server or your WordPress site. Some “security plugins” are a source of vulnerabilities themselves.

After security we need to look at optimization. Speed is everything and NGINX delivers WordPress sites at blazingly fast speeds. We will use a varied approach to optimization – command lines tools, nginx “caching” directives – you can be assured – your page speed scores will sky rocket…

By the end of this course, you will be ready to reap the benefits.

Add a new revenue stream and start earning additional income hosting your own sites using NGINX. There will be numerous new services you will be adding to your resume as a web developer. You will be able to charge for numerous new services –  site hosting, site optimization, Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate installation and renewal, backups and even a monthly maintenance fee.

This course was not designed to be completed locally, on your pc or mac or using one of the many available “Virtual Machines”. Oracle’s VirtualBox is one example. The aim of the course is to instruct you on how to setup a secure/hardened hosting environment and then host multiple hardened WordPress sites on a commercially purchased VPS or dedicated server.

This course is not a lab experiment with no real-world application.

I want you to able to look at server logs and see how malicious users and bots are scanning your server, probing and looking for vulnerabilities. You need to be able to see the result of your hardening – banning, blocking, rate limiting – in your server logs. This cannot be done in a VM.

Performance: a fast WordPress site is a cached WordPress site.  Whenever possible,  you want to serve a cached page and not hit php or the database. Some of the caching options we will look at: Redis Object Caching, FastCGI Caching, W3 Total Cache and how to correctly enable Cloudflare on your VPS.

Security: stop xmlrpc.php and the seemingly never ending wp-login.php attacks using Nginx Rate Limiting. Make use of nginx directives to block certain user agents, spam bots and common exploits. Nginx directives also aid in stopping certain sql and file injection attacks. Further protect your site by restricting from where assets can be fetched by the clients browser using a Content Security Policy.

All that’s left is for you to sign up for this course and start your wonderful journey as your very own system administrator running multiple WordPress sites on a NGINX server.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to host blazingly fast WordPress sites using nginx
  • Any WordPress site owner who wants to move from shared hosting to self managed hosting
  • Site owners who are tired of slow and oversubscribed shared web hosting servers
  • Anyone who is frustrated with shared web hosts support, learn to do it yourself with this course, become your own sys admin, its easy!!!
  • Web Developers, add a new revenue stream by offering additional services, you can boost your income drastically

Course content

  • Course Introduction
  • Linux Essential Skills
  • Ubuntu 20.04
  • Ubuntu 20.04: Initial Server Hardening
  • Ubuntu 20.04: Installing, Hardening and Optimizing NGINX, MARIADB & PHP7.4
  • Initial NGINX Configuration
  • Directory Structure
  • NGINX Server Blocks
  • MariaDB
  • Make WP Site Administration Easy, with WPCLI

10 reviews for The Perfect Nginx Server – Ubuntu Edition – Udemy

  1. Donny Phan

    Super practical. Lessons are catered towards anyone looking to find work in this industry. It felt very comprehensive and gave me a broad understanding of the programming spectrum

  2. Madhav raj Verma

    Thanks for your great effort. i am fully satisfied with this course the way you teach and your explanation are very clear ,The content you provide in your course no one can do this at this price.

  3. Sachin Gupta

    I really didn’t want to leave a low rating as Angela is a great teacher. The 1st half of this course was terrific. The 2nd half was terrible. Under the justification of “teaching students how to figure things out on their own”, pretty much all videos and all explanations were dropped. You were just told what to do, given links to documentation and told to figure it out on your own. I understand doing that to some degree, but to revert to that entirely for nearly half the content barely makes this a course. It’s just a list of things for you to learn, then you’re left on your own to learn them. The 2nd half was so bad, especially the data science component, that I didn’t bother finishing the course.

  4. Vincent Beaudet

    Amazing 40 days course.
    Angela is a great teacher.
    The other 60 days are all about web developement, interacting with web pages, on your own with little to no explanations. I did not expect that at all. I wanted to learn more about software and scripting.
    This left me disappointed , confused and i started to doubt myself. Not a fun experience after the amount of effort i’v put in this course.

    Exercices format and explanations for the first 40 days were worth it tho.

  5. Ben K

    Not just an introduction to python, but really helps you learn fundamental aspects of python and coding in general. Some parts may require some knowledge on the subject (data science comes to mind) and there is quite some web development in the course. So, a few areas were not completely to my liking (I would have liked to see it done differently), but this course deserves the 5 stars in my opinion.

  6. Omid Alikhel

    I found the method a bit difficult when a code is written and then changed back to something different, with no enough explanation of how something happened and where it came from or a step by step explanation of why something is happening, i have no doubt in the instructors talent, but we are beginners!

  7. Devang Jain

    The course is not updated and most of the solution codes don’t work and there are no video solutions towards the end

  8. Szymon Kozak

    I think that the course tutor is really good in giving right information to learn at the right time. Thanks to this fact, my understanding of coding in python after 29 days of learning is above my expectations.

  9. Begoña Ruiz Diaz

    Ha sido la mejor elección que podría haber hecho.

  10. Vaibhav Sachdeva

    I want to thank Angela for making such an amazing course. It really helped me explore more things with python.

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